Location: Red Bank, Stann Creek District, Belize

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LOCATION: Red Bank, Stann Creek District, Belize

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A global development NPO – Humana People to People – reached out to Humble Smile with a request for help with the poor oral health status of the children of Red Bank village. A 12-person team – comprising: 6 Midsona (Norweigen distributor for The Humble Co.) reps; 4 Humana workers, and; 2 Humble Smile dentists – was deployed.

Following a training on the first day, the second day was spent fact-finding at village institutions and homes.

All children examined had tooth decay. There are no dental services in the district. Most of the children brought to school sweetened drinks prepared at home, and there was low availability of healthy foods at or around school.

On day 3 the team prepared the intervention which included: Red Bank Loves Water campaign, and a kit for every one of the 450 school children.

Days 4 & 5 were spent with the school kids and their teachers personalizing the kits and toothbrushing.

Recommendations, presented to the school Principal and entire staff, included: a ban on sweet drinks; establishment of school kiosks, and; daily supervised brushing.

Humana remains engaged to ensure continuity so that The Humble Co. can continue to support the project with oral care products.

The team enjoyed trips including a hike to find Macaws, a visit to a cocoa farm & chocolate workshop.

Thank you once again for a great week in Belize! The whole Midsona team are really grateful for getting the opportunity to join you guys in this project. Ronny, Aina and Grete were both happy about the experience and motivated when we talked on our way home

- Hans.


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