Humble Values

Our operations are guided by the following principles:


– cultural sensitivity and respect for all involved
– working with communities to define needs and activities
– mutual partnerships with bi-directional learning- political, religious, and professional independence
– responsibility for humanity and the environment


– responsibility to share scientific evidence-based know-how and innovation for the benefit of underprivileged communities
– encouragement of local leadership and stewardship to address inequities- inclusivity regardless of gender, age, ethnicity, or religion- targeting those most in need globally
– focus on prevention of Non-Communicable Diseases to maximize reach, enhance well-being and change lives physically, developmentally, psychologically, socially, and environmentally
– governance by an independent decision-making body whose members are experts in health, development and organization leveraged to promote effective and prudent management, maximizing internal support and to check the evaluation of the efficacy of the delivered strategy


– compliance with applicable laws, ethical standards, and codes of conduct
– accountability for actions
– transparency in reporting
– robust monitoring & evaluation systems
– financial assessments by both in-house and external auditors to assure funds are used properly


–  implementation of realistic behavioural and dietary interventions
– community-led development to increase autonomy of underrepresented communities
– advocacy to address upstream and environmental factors that create inequities
– promotion of ecological products
– continual fundraising based on Corporate Social Responsibility model