Humble Vision


Our vision is children everywhere living healthy lives with healthy smiles.

The FDI (Fédération DentaireInternationale) or World Dental Federation defined oral health as a multifaceted health state and a fundamental component of overall health and mental well-being, reflected by the physiological, social, and psychological attributes which are essential forquality of life.1

We envision a world, in which people take ownership of their health, and in which suffering caused by oral disease is minimized. In this world, dentistry leads the promotion of oral health and the prevention of oral diseases regardless of peoples’ socio-economic status, age, religion, gender, nationality, or geographical location. Even in the most remote areas of our planet, children have the option to live healthy lives and to go to school without oral health burdens.

1. Glick M, Williams D. A New Definition of Oral Health: Executive Summary 2016