Humble Vision


Our vision is

healthy people in healthy communities on a healthy planet


Towards this vision Humble Smile operates in the field of Global Health – which aims for optimal health for all people and elimination of inequities – guided by 4 pillars.



Preventive initiatives professionally designed and implemented by Humble Smile, applying a holistic and human centred design. Innovative intervention models are developed that are culturally, socially, economically, and environmentally sensitive and provide sustainable solutions designed for the specific needs and circumstances of each vulnerable community.



Humble Smile provides support for its global and local partners in their missions to increase autonomy and achieve United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals by working with underrepresented communities to define needs and activities, and providing professional guidance, training, volunteers, innovative tools, resources, collaborations and in-kind donations of eco-friendly health, wellness and hygiene supplies.



Humble’s scientific team is involved in all stages of operations from assessing needs, designing evidence-based interventions and testing pilots to real-time monitoring. Humble Smile’s models, outcomes and evaluations are presented academically not only to share data globally, but also to establish best practices and advocate for improved policies and structures in the communities Humble serves.



The rising prevalence of non-communicable diseases such as malnutrition, diabetes and tooth decay is compounded in underprivileged communities that don’t enjoy the benefits derived from technological advances in water, sanitation, nutrition, health and hygiene. New glocal approaches in sharing knowledge and learning with professionals are needed to enable them to address inequities and captain local organization, ownership and responsibility for the health, development and ecology of the community.