Office Team

Darren SQ BW

Dr Darren Weiss

Executive Director
Tel Aviv


Ms Leoni Groot

Operations & Development Officer
Tel Aviv

Tessa SQ BW

Dr Tessa Waldhart

Creative & Communications Officer

After graduating dentistry at Medical University in Vienna in 2018, Tessa went on to complete a Master of Business Administration in Barcelona. At that time Tessa started to work at Humble Smile Foundation, where, as Creative and Communications Officer, she combines her entrepreneurial drive, passion for Global Oral Health and love for design. Tessa also runs her 4th generation family’s dental clinic and is starting a Master in Gerontology and Special Needs.

Asha SQ BW

Ms Asha Kamble

Gabriel Smiles Project Manager

Asha is a microfinance, health, livelihood, education and community development specialist, with over 27 years of experience in organizational capacity building and business growth. Her MBA in social entrepreneurship from NMIMS, diploma in Business Management, and acquired training experience in the microfinance and human behavior sectors, has enabled Asha to lead Humble Smile’s health capacity-building and self-help groups program for some of Mumbai’s marginalized communities.


Ms Romay Harding

Gogos Give Smiles Project Manager

Growing up in Africa Romay Harding values her 25 years of experience working with local communities. Her passion for social upliftment and transformation in Africa inspires her healthy living projects for Humble Smile Foundation and as the secretary general for the Circle of Global Business Women she is dedicated to empowering women in marginalised communities. Romay is presently based in Johannesburg South Africa and is a member of Rotary Sandton Central.


Dr Deema Saeed

Research, Monitoring, Evaluation, Accountability & Learning (MEAL) Officer

A University of Khartoum graduate of dental surgery, with an MSc in Dental Public Health from University College, London, Deema strongly believes in the power of public health combined with marketing and research to deliver substantial improvement to the quality of care & tackle determinants of health issues facing vulnerable populations. A public health & MEAL officer, social media activist, and aspiring writer, she believes the most effective way for health goals to be achieved is through research, healthy public policy and creatively challenging existing norms in healthcare.

Mireya pic

Ms Mireya Bowser

New York City

Mireya has been volunteering on HSF’s Monitoring, Evaluation, Accountability & Learning tasks, under Deema’s guidance, since the start of 2022 when she joined as a student at New York University’s Global Academic Centre in Tel Aviv. She quickly became an important part of the HSF team.


Ms Ida Vinell

Accounts Manager

Team in Action

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