The Tribe & I

Hi!! I want to share this positive energy with you guys:

It was amazing! I enjoyed life to the fullest.
I am alive when I share love, happiness and joyfulness. I am alive when I explore, dream big, take risks – and so I was with you..

Despite our differences many things brought us together. I went through all kinds of emotions. I was real.

I am proud, I have been with a team that became a part of Ndebele Kingdom’s history, a team that recognizes the value of women. Our work was worthy of a big tribe. Ndebele people with their soul, positive energy, music, dance, traditions and beauty will remain with me forever.

You guys!!! I will never forget Romay, Angela, Gosia, Fulden, Christina, Karren, Bruno, Dorin, David and even detective Pacha.

Darren I particularly annoyed you many times, but you were understanding because you are such a successful leader.

Guys I love you all and wish u the best.

Amira Oeslati
(Resident in Pediatric Dentistry, Faculty of Dental Medicine of Monastir, Tunisia)

Amira blog pic