Everyone can be a part of the Humble Movement, whether you are a health professional, corporation or as an individual.

Switch then Share

Look for the one percent for smiles certification on Humble Group products. When you buy a product with this seal, you know that 1% of the sale goes to Humble Smile Foundation.

By simply making the switch to socially responsible oral care products, such as the Humble Brush and other The Humble Co. products, you are helping people in need throughout the world gain access to preventive oral care. It really is that simple. There are many outlets across the world. In addition to supporting our projects, it will also mean one less plastic toothbrush polluting our planet every time you choose to go Humble.

Go Humble – Find your nearest store (https://thehumble.co/find-retailers/)

After you have switched to eco-friendly and socially responsible daily oral care… share the experience.

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